LS-Land 26 Hawaiian Breeze

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LS-Land 26 Hawaiian Breeze

LS-Land 26 Hawaiian Breeze


LS-Land 26 Hawaiian Breeze

Description: Forget about everything and dive into a world of pleasure... Just imagine: you are lying on a sunny beach, relaxing and enjoying little sunshines play on your skin and make you tickle and laugh.. Tender and fresh sea breaze caresses your body, hair... And suddenly young goddess comes out of the water, appears before you in all her unhidden, natural and frank beauty... She gives you a glimpse and the next thought in your head is "where did this absolutely astonishing goddes come from?!" So, now you have a chance to get to know her closer! Come on in and find it out!


LS-Land 26 Hawaiian Breeze - 1.1 GB

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