LS-Land 30 Light Boxing

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LS-Land 30 Light Boxing

LS-Land 30 Light Boxing


LS-Land 30 Light Boxing

Description: Do you see these little cute girls? Please beware of them.. It only seems that these absolutely adorable girls weak and helpless. Our ladies do not swallow the insult, they are not like that. These little girls will fight back and won't forgive the offense. Fighting for these crazy girls is a norm, boxing is a best way to solve the problem. It seems that ring and boxing rules were made to calm these little fighters down. Little tight bodies are not injured and the opinions are being stood up for. The only thing remains unsolved - who's gonna stop it?


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  1. joshua hunt  |  13 Jul 2015 в 5:01 am #

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  2. Paul Deane  |  15 Nov 2016 в 10:05 pm #

    I would like to buy Ls Magazines.

    Paul Deane - Gravatar

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