LS-Magazine 16 Trinity

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LS-Magazine 16 Trinity

LS-Magazine 16 Trinity


LS-Magazine 16 Trinity

Dear Members and New Comers! We are so happy to present you the 16 th Issue of LS Magazine! This Issue is little bit unusual for those who used to Magazines featuring only two beautiful lolitas. But for those, who remembers our past issues featuring three charming ladies, this Issue is a pleasant surprise.. In this Issue you'll see how three little darlings have fun and try different things, experience new feelings while examining each others bodies. Each one of these crazy and at the same time so attractive girls is unseparable part of a company. When they are together their internal and outer beauty is so bewitching and without any doubt can't be forgotten!


LS-Magazine 16 Trinity - 1.4 GB

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  1. joshua hunt  |  24 Jun 2015 в 4:08 am #

    I like pretty girls So cool wow great it . 2nd & 3d INCEST COMICS COLLECTION NUDE

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  2. joshua hunt  |  24 Jun 2015 в 4:26 am #

    please give me more of it when you cum on my ass don’t feel bad girls friends all told me that it would only a little at first making me wet and it felt really GOOD enjoyed COOL this way we can be like sister of course you can darling and you can came back when every you want good morning SMILNG take off her friends shorts silk dress now they are both a naked their soft little bodies smooth and hairless Day want play the two children begin kissing deeply tasting each other now it is time big table full of cake and cookies but had a much better idea she take off her little shirt and lies down on her back on the able amongst the cakes come everyone come and taste my pussy its much nicer than cake the children laugh and stand in a queue waiting to kiss her sweet little pussy a cute who licks so sighs with pleasure there are dozen of pretty little girls every where all naked wearing sexy outfits she applies some lube on her friends . always decide to that the first amazing then should you do her for today and Smile take off her friends short silk dress they are both naked their soft little bodies smooth hairless do you want play the two – three children begin kissing deeply tasting each other now it tome but has a much better idea she take off her little shirt and lies down her back so cool .

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